Saturday, September 17, 2011

7th and Final Day

Today I had the pleasure of waking up late. I was hungry when I woke up since I did such a light dinner last night. Going to bed kind of hungry works better on this challenge since it makes the oatmeal, which I have plenty of, seem almost good to eat first thing in the morn'. No hard boiled egg for me today. I am so sick of them.

I wonder what I would eat next week if I took the Challenge for a second week? I really can't eat more rice, eggs or beans. I don't know what I would use for staples...maybe pasta, potatoes and cheap bread...? I'm SO THANKFUL that this Challenge isn't my real life. 

For lunch I decided to make a big batch of "fried rice" and then just leave leftovers for dinner since there didn't seem to be enough to make two separate but interesting meals. I don't know what else I could make with leftover rice, celery, onion, cabbage and one shriveled sad carrot? I'm not interested in doing a complicated recipe so I just decided to pan fry everything and then add the eggs and the rice.

As you can see, I decided not to chop the veggies finely because I was feeling lazy and I think that made this meal very weird. It didn't really taste fried because of it, more like heated up. This meal didn't end up tasting like the fried rice I was hoping for at all but since it's made of most of the food I have left I'm definitely going to eat it for lunch and dinner tonight. 

This Challenge was really enlightening. Even when I tried to pick simple staples it didn't work out easily at all. I'm really happy that the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks exist because while food stamps are certainly better than nothing, the Food Bank is a great resource for extra food (ESPECIALLY PRODUCE) to stretch the budget. If I had been able to visit a pantry or food program supported by the Food Bank I could have picked up a bunch more produce to have this past week which really would have helped.

I'm going to write more on the overall Hunger Challenge later tonight or stay tuned.

I will also update if I end up eating any more food tonight (which I probably will). :)

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: fried brown rice with vegetables
Dinner: leftovers from lunch


  1. Congratulations on getting through the week. We keep starting over due to falling off The Hunger Challenge wagon. Still trying, though, and learning a lot along the way. - Fay

  2. dont know if you still check but from someone whose family of 3 exist on 340 for 2 adults and one teenager how do you think you would feel after 3months or more?

  3. Next year buy dried beans; usually you can find them in bulk for 1 a pound. Go for white rice since it cooks faster and its cheaper. From your ingrediants, i would make soup, too. And try adding the frozen berries to the oatmeal. And bananas are cheaper than berries.

  4. It's not as Hard as it looks to do it it's just take lots or research and practice at the beginning. I'm saying this from experience. I receive food stamps for me, my husband, and my two kids (2 yer old and a 1 year old) we only get $220 a month. It was very difficult at the beginning but I have learn to make it work. I spend $50 a week on grocerys I shop once a week and plan my meals around what's on sale. If their is a good sale I will stock up with my $20 extra that I have for the month. Like when chicken thighs are on sale I stock up. Its all about finding the sales that make it work and stocking up. We do not get bored with meals. Even when we are in a better position to not get food stamps I will still shop this way. This website is what helped me enormously when I first got food stamps

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