Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 3: I Went To a Butcher Shop. I Never Sausage a Place!

the ingredient
What do you know?
Today wasn't so bad!
The day started off with...oatmeal and a hard boiled egg. SHOCKING! (no photo because it looked like a bowl of oatmeal.) I almost skipped breakfast because plain, flavorless oatmeal isn't very exciting, and in a way I think it makes me hungrier...

the final product
Lunch: I finally got a chance to make fried rice! I've never made fried rice before and apparently everyone else in my office has. So I had 4 cooks around the stove helping me! (FYI: There are many different opinions on whether or not to put the egg or rice in first...I chose to put the egg in first.) I used 1.5 carrots, 1.5 stalks of celery, two eggs and a quarter of a mason jar worth of brown rice. As you can see I had some carrot and celery left over which I saved (of course!) I added salt and soy sauce for flavor so this was a high sodium meal for sure.
I'm extremely lucky to have a full kitchen at work. I know this is not normal. Gosh, some people don't even have kitchens in their homes (SROs, motels etc.) and rely on hot plates and microwaves. I think this lunch turned out pretty good. It didn't really taste like fried rice though, it reminded me of matzo brei...go figure! I did add some soy sauce from a packet which I didn't buy but found  in a drawer.
Snack:  apple w/ plain yogurt

Dinner: I decided to have more rice but finally with my discount turkey sausage!! I tend to get disproportionately excited about things but it is nice to finally have some flavor and meat in one of my recipes! I think this excitement is warranted! (Don't worry, my roommate already warned me about the recent ground turkey recall and it doesn't include the Jenny-O brand.) I took the sausage out of the casings, cooked it through, added some of the spinach and tomato paste and made a kind of sauce which I put over the brown rice. The sausage and tomato paste must have been really salty because I didn't add extra salt and yet this tasted very salty to me...my poor blood pressure. Clearly because I have ASPIRATIONS TO BECOME AN EGG I ate another hardboiled egg while preparing dinner because I couldn't wait.

While the Hunger Challenge isn't always fun, I'm enjoying the amount of attention I'm putting into my food. It's nice to think about food as fuel again and really appreciate how lucky I am to have unlimited access to food every day. Once again, I spent almost an hour making my dinner. I'm gonna guess most people do not have the time or know-how to do this. I didn't get a chance to eat dinner until around 9 pm either. I can't imagine working all day, especially if it wasn't a desk job but a job that involved more physical activity, only to have to come home and cook for an hour. I hope I can remember this grateful feeling even after the Hunger Challenge is over.

Also, can I just say "God Bless the Internet" because not only was I able to find the exact scene from Supersize me that I wanted but I'm also able to cue it up to my FAVORITE part of the entire documentary. Nothing. NOTHING. NOOTTTHIIING is better than the oh-so-quiet way this boy says sausage. And every time I want to say sausage I think of him.
Do yourself a favor and watch this video.


  1. I like how we both bought many of the same ingredients (on sale turkey sausage, oatmeal)! Did you get the $0.99 eggs at Safeway too? - Elsa

  2. .99 cents!??! No way! My eggs were like $3.69! I did get 18 though, but still!!