Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 2: First They Came for My Brain

Breakfast: oatmeal
Day 2: Oh today, today, today, today. What a day!
What kind of day was it, you ask? A crazy one. It started off with my alarm going off about an hour after I thought it would (how on earth did this happen? One word: Poltergeists). Then when I got to work, I had to do some crazy unpacking of my cubicle at my new desk and catch up on a lot of different projects and tasks. But I was determined to make it a good day!

Technology tried to kill me
Then technology tried to kill me. I had to repeatedly struggle to get a certain file to upload to our database. It was. Not enjoyable. Not enjoyable on a regular day. And certainly not enjoyable on a Hunger Challenge day. I got a little cranky. I got a lot cranky. I apologize Tina if you are reading this :)

Then, I had to run out of work like a bat out of hell around 3pm to work at the Giant's game until 8pm. I ran around like a banshee for 5 hours but I did good. I kept a good attitude while my stomach tried to eat itself. I even resisted smacking a smug man boy who said that a $5 donation wouldn't end he wouldn't donate at all! Blah.

Lunch: lentils
I got home so so hungry around 9pm and then realized I didn't have anything but lentil soup! I CAN'T EAT ANYMORE LENTIL SOUP! So I had a hard boiled egg. (See? I am going to turn into an egg.)

Dinner: I figured I should make some brown rice and add an egg, some veggies and stir fry something great! At least this way I would be sure to have something different for lunch tomorrow!

40 minutes later, I'm just not in the mood to eat anymore. I'm just tired and a little bummed out about some things. I don't want to cook up the eggs and veggies. I'm just going to save this rice for tomorrow. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MADE!

Dinner: Rice
(saved for tomorrow)
My mood is clearly less excited than yesterday. Real life is getting in the way of cooking up a storm from scratch and "playing" this game of the Hunger Challenge. I can't imagine having to have a stressful job and personal life while being this hungry. No wonder people just reach for the Easy Mac. Being an adult and being hungry is tough, but I can't imagine being a child and going to school to learn, all while you are rumbly in your tumbly. Terrible!

So in summary today I had: Breakfast - oatmeal, Lunch - left over lentil stew, Dinner - a hard boiled egg