Thursday, September 16, 2010


At 2pm we had a birthday and anniversary celebration at work! I have been at my job for one year this month! Yay me!! :) Anyway, this celebration included various desserts.  FREE FOOD! THE ENEMY OF THE HUNGER CHALLENGE.
I talked it out with some people:

1) I debated eating the pie and then "paying" for it (but that meant no rice pudding later).
2) I considered LYING TO YOU READERS and not letting you know I ate pie (I'm sorry for even considering it, please forgive me).
3) I toyed with the idea of just completely giving up and eating the yummy treats and just laughing in the face of my hard work thus was the lemon bars that really were starting to get to me.

However, even though I talk a big game, deep down I'm a lame goodie-two-shoes who has only gotten "in trouble" once in my life and would like to keep it that way. (7th grade, I got a demerit for being late to home room...I was helping Esther Pak pick up her flash cards that she dropped all over the lobby, we were in orchestra together....this is not the profile of a bad-#$%).

So, needless to say, I didn't eat the pie. Not even the lemon bars. I think that if I were on food stamps I would eat free food every second I had a chance but I understand the method behind the madness of not eating free things. Plus, I already cheat with the coffee.


  1. well..isn't this challenge only a week? can't you eat the pie in 3 days? i bet there will be leftovers. i know that's sort of disregarding the whole point. it's like that pulp song "common people". but, even if you were on food stamps, you'd get free pie every once in a while.

  2. :) I would! I know. Yes, I can eat pie on Sunday. I might even bake something now that I'm in the grove of making all my own food!