Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pop tarts!

Dear esteemed reader, so I'm not doing the hunger challenge anymore but I figure I can still share some cheap recipe's I come across through this blog since it might be fun for the both of us! As many of you know I am in a food club and we have theme nights almost every month. Tonight's theme was finger foods. I decided to go all out and make pop tarts from scratch. Holla.

Today I made homemade pop tarts using Smitten Kitchen's recipe and revamping it to the items I had in my pantry. For example, I used soymilk and smart balance instead of regular milk and regular butter. 

I made them at my friend Annie's house and she has a food processor WHICH CHANGED MY LIFE. It was sooo easy to make these. I made the individual tarts pretty small because I was hoping to feed as many people as possible since this was for Food Club.

I made the cinnamon sugar filling and then a version of it using cocoa powder and candy bars. They were both really good. I should have bought nutella because that would have been amazing but I didn't want to buy anything new or have a jar of nutella around to eat with a spoon while watching Real Housewives.

The pop tarts were a hit! I think because they were so small there was too much dough to filling ratio. I also think they were a little doughy but I was afraid of burning them. Some may look burnt in the photos but they aren't, I sprinkled cocoa into the dough...

The star player of the evening was definitely Annie's Cuisinart food processor. Runner up was my trusty Silpat silicone non-stick baking mat.

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