Thursday, September 16, 2010

Folksy HC wisdom: If your burger falls apart make it into stew

I had my 75 cent coupon and I was ready to bike to safeway from work when I realized that was insane since it was already 7pm, I was hungry and tired and it was getting dark and I didn't have my bike lights! So instead I went to Walgreens where the prices are so high it probably negated my coupon.

Anyway, I went home and heated up my brown rice, soy milk and some cinnamon...I couldn't find my box of raisins anywhere. And I have to say the first bite was amazing! But I made too much and after a few spoonfuls I was over it but of course I finished the entire bowl...which is where disaster planted its ugly roots.
I was then full but hadn't yet made my red bean burgers! I felt like I had to because it was in my "plan". But I was resentful because I was supposed to meet up with some friends to hang out. I knew I was going to need the bean burgers for lunch today so I decided to make it happen.

I think what first went wrong was that the beans were supposed to be canned and I used half-blanched dried beans that just weren't mushy enough. AND I also don't have a food processor or blender which turns out to be really important in making this burger pasty enough to actual make a burger patty shape.
Long story short: I didn't want to be making these patties, the ingredients and equipment was all wrong and I was in such a mental funk that I didn't even take photos of the failed burgers (which I actually ended up pressing into a muffin tray to try to bake since the patty shapes fell apart on my cookie tray). Those who know me know that I basically only bake foods in muffin trays.
I feel guilty that I didn't take adequate photos so I made this montage:

It shows how I started out, then the fail and then what ended up happening...I just threw the dried gross bean muffins into some stock and the rest of my tomato sauce and made a weird chili stew soup thing. 
The end. I'm not even sure how much this costs and I'm not in the mood to calculate it. It's probably a few dollars.

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