Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursdays child has far to go

Last night I "power soaked" my red beans by accident and tonight I am going to bake them into a veggie burger! I found a a recipe for Red Bean Chipotle Burgers and I think I'm going to make these minus the chipotle...unless I can find that at the store for less than $1. I'm excited because before this challenge I had never made my own veggie burgers and always bought them frozen. My dear friend Lindsay (currently saving the world in Washington D.C.) regularly makes her own veggie burgers and is on a constant search to find one that meets her high culinary standards. I hope that these burgers are a success and I can offer the recipe to her as a potential cure for her wild-burger chase.

In other news my coworker  sent me this amazing website full of SNAP recipes: "The SNAP Recipe Finder is an online database of recipes that can be used to create healthy and nutritious meals for those with limited budgets and time." This is helpful because I still have another day on the challenge and even after it is over I wouldn't mind having some great inexpensive recipes to play around with.

Oh right, and shockingly for breakfast I had an oatmeal, coffee and the world's saddest banana.

Cost Analysis: 72 cents
Banana: 45 cents
Cheater's coffee: handout
Oatmeal: 27 cents

And for lunch I had two sweet potato tofu burgers mashed up with brown rice, salt and pepper.

Cost Analysis: 80 cents
Two burgers: 52 cents
1/2 cup rice: 28 cents

Total so far: $1.52


  1. That's a really interesting website - I wonder how many SNAP users actually know about it!

  2. Good point Kate,I bet a lot of people don't know about it, don't have computer access and probably don't have the time or cooking confidence to even put together some of these recipes. I know the Food Bank tries to educate people on how to use Pantry foods in recipes as seen here on the Food Bank blog:

    But that doesn't cover everyone out there!