Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 4 Dinner

Today was much better than yesterday, I wasn't unnecessarily hungry at all. Although, I did crave candy in the afternoon, at which time I usually cruise the "share shelf" in the refrigerator or Meredith H's ever-plentiful candy basket, but I suppose its for the best that I kick my sugar addiction (Jackie says I'm a sugar addict). I wasn't as hungry today which is good but I wouldn't exactly say my diet was balanced: oatmeal and pasta and brown rice. If the challenge was to only eat brownish white foods I would totally be the crown champion!

When I got hungry after lunch I decided to eat my brown rice -- I wish I could have mixed it with some milk and cinnamon sugar but such is the nature of this challenge! I never made it to the grocery store today as planned (I was busy visiting my sweet new apartment and talking with my mama on the phone and telling her not to take fosomax!!) 

So when I got home I quickly microwaved a sweet potato tofu burger (no bread) because I was hungry! (I was also about 8pm just to reinforce the fact that I wasn't that hungry today.) Then I realized I just didn't know what to do for dinner because yes, I was going to eat more for sure! No skimping today! So I decided to make some brown rice and then crumble in a sweet potato tofu burger like a sloppy joe. I ended up doing that and plus some salt and pepper it was pretty good!

I also made some extra rice for tomorrow AND I tried to boil some dried red beans for later and then stopped when they started to look funny and dyed the water red. Now they are just soaking like the directions said to do in the first place...and I googled to see if I messed them up and apparently this is called "power soaking" boiling for three minutes and then soaking for 2-4 hours. Nice. 

Cost of tonight's meal: 80 cents
Burger "snack" = 26 cents
Burger in dinner = 26 cents
1/2 cup of brown rice = 28 cents

Today's $2.30 + 80 = $3.10 

My mom was really concerned when I said I wasn't eating any fruit (also that I have some where nice to go for Yom Kippur) so I cheated (AGAIN) and had a small handful of frozen blueberries from a $2.99 bag of Trader Joe's blueberries. So, that was probably 80 cents more or less and is packed with antioxidants! So it is safe to say I spent at least the total $4 today.

Hey Mom: (if Dad shows you how to find my blog) rest assured mom! I'm eating well! I lock the door! I don't talk to strangers and I never walk alone at night! :) 

Thank the heavens that I don't really live on a food stamp diet. This is getting old fast. Like Ke$ha (who, incidentally, relied on food stamps as a childbut without the dance-able beat and fake attitude.

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