Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 2 Breakfast

Okay, I'm already a cheater. I made a small cup of the free coffee at work.
I did this because I think that free coffee is available at some jobs and if I were on Food Stamps I would go out of my way for some free coffee. As my friend Emily said "Free coffee is kind of ubiquitous, even my sister who works at a supermarket deli counter and actually is on food stamps gets free coffee."

Nonetheless I feel guilty already! Not everyone would get free coffee. I know if I were on a crazy-tight budget I would definitely seek out free food opportunities but still I'M A CHEATER. It says right here in the hunger challenge rules: No free coffee at work.

However, I still have to be awake at my job and this morning I really needed coffee. I blame the VMA's.

As you can see I also made a bowl of oatmeal. It was really big and it made my coworker Barbara actually say "woah thats a lot of oatmeal". However this is because I have a lot of oatmeal so I'm gonna be liberal with it. I also brought an apple for breakfast but I think I can save it for a snack because I feel rather full.

Overall this Food Stamp diet so far is carbo-loaded, very low on fresh veggies and fruit, no animal products.

My oatmeal package was $3.99 for a tub with 30 servings. That means that each serving is 13.3 cents (for 1/2 cup) I made a full cup today so really this breakfast was only about 27 cents...

When I home I'm going to examine my receipts and found out exactly how much each meal costs. 

Okay, just thought I would put a quick message out there! Gotta go fight hunger in San Francisco and Marin!:)

For every $1 you donate, the Food Bank can distribute $6 worth of food!  97% of all donations goes directly toward getting food to hungry people. Join the San Francisco Food Bank in the fight against hunger!


  1. Dana, you are definitely a Hunger Challenge hero! That cake looks delicious!

    Love your blog - and I'm going to have to try that sweet potato/tofu recipe. After the Hunger Challenge ends, that is, sigh! You've given me food envy.