Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four Days Until the Hunger Challenge Begins

With the Hunger Challenge beginning this Sunday, I have already found myself thinking about what I might buy and how I will portion it out. If I were on Food Stamps, would I have time to really plan out what I would buy and then go ahead and buy it early and on sale?

Would I shop at Trader Joe's? I just read online that Trader Joe's recently changed it policy and now accepts Food Stamps. But if I lived in a food desert I would probably very far from my beloved TJ's and have to rely on bodegas and fast food. I refuse to eat fast food and I'm not including that in my Food Stamp Diet as I am trying to see if its possible to eat healthy on $4 a day.

I'm planning on photographing my 3 meals a day (and hopefully snacks) and breaking down how much they cost. I'm not going to use food I already own since I can't be sure how much it costs. I'm not going to shop anywhere too fancy pants and will try to stick to bodegas and Safeway.

Once again, there is still time for you to try out the Hunger Challenge! You don't have to do the challenge for a whole week or even this particular week! Sign up today to try it out and if you want, blog along with me!

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