Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweet Lord.

Am I sick of the Hunger Challenge? Does Flavor Flave know what time it is? OF COURSE YOU IDIOT!
I'm sick of being hungry, of cooking dinner after work instead of doing other things like being with friends or heaven forbid: going to the gym.

Having such a tight budget and only shopping where Food Stamps are accepted is a limitation on a small freedom I took for granted. I've always been thankful to have food and to not be poor but this really took it home. Not only are these things the pits but they are an active pain in the...neck. If I had kids and had to feed them after work I'm not so sure they would be excited to get fed at 9pm when my dinner was finally done and maybe only slightly edible. It seems like the real clincher to eating on a food stamp budget is knowing how to cook and to have the time and patience to do so.

For breakfast I did not have oatmeal. I bike to work I'm over heated some mornings and today I did not want a hot steamy breakfast at all. So I had some of my whole wheat toast and I put some weird crappy jelly on it that was day-glow pink and totally gross. I also had a cheater's coffee.
The wheat bread is 37 cents and for the jelly I would actually like to be paid.

For lunch I am having the red beans and rice stew that I made last night since I didn't actually eat it last night. It tastes okay, its definitely filling but it taste kind of like cafeteria food.

I ate this entire bowl which filled a whole mason jar because I am a beast.

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